About us

 What's the story of Twogether Co?

Twogether Co was born out of a passion for crafts. Knitting, crochet, embroidery- we love it all!
It seemed to follow, for a business born out of love, to concentrate on it too, and we decided to help people celebrate their second anniversary with a series of cotton jewellery pieces! With that in mind we launched Twogether Co in December 2018.
After sometime celebrating the cotton anniversary with you, we decided to grow with your love, and we launched our leather anniversary collection in 2020 to help you celebrate your third year together. Check this collection out if it is your leather anniversary this year.
Here at Twogether Co we really appreciate our customers and your support has really helped this small business take flight. 
Thank you!
What does Twogether Co offer?
Made with you in mind, each piece from Twogether Co. is designed and handmade in Thornhill, Scotland.
Each piece is unique and created to celebrate friendship and love in all its forms. We only use the highest quality materials: 100% cotton, sterling silver, leather and real pearls. 
Twogether Co offers earrings, necklaces and bracelets for women and bracelets and cuff links for men. Check our couple bracelets too.
Every piece arrives in a beautiful gift box emblazoned with the Twogether Co logo, a string of cotton linking two people in one heart. 


If you have any queries, please email sales@twogetherco.com and we will be very happy to help.
Lots of love from us at Twogether Co!